James P. Thompson

Thompson was one of the I. W. W.'s most prominent speakers.

Thompson was present at the founding convention in 1905 and rewrote the Preamble at the 1908 convention to exclude political action and make abolition of the wage system the explicit object of the I. W. W.

He participated in the Spokane Free Speech Fight of 1909-1910, and was one of the first to be jailed.

He was one of the leading organizers in the Lawrence Strike in 1911.

The Wobblies aboard the Verona, murdered in the Everett Massacre in 1916, were headed to a meeting to hear Thompson speak. He was arrested while speaking.

Look how tall he was!
He was sentenced by Judge K. M. Landis to twenty years in Leavenworth for the crime of organizing his class.

I haven't found anything about him after that.


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